This a drone tour of the Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort in the Dominican Republic. There are also several videos of some of the entertainment highlights of the hotel and some of the more beautiful locations inside the hotel. We stayed for 5 nights at Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort and really enjoyed it. It is a fantastic hotel with some great restaurants as you will see. My only complaint was that we didn’t stay long enough to enjoy all the restaurants the hotel had to offer.

The music in this video was provided by the singers from the Steakhouse onsite. The hotel features 5 à la carte restaurants and 24 hour room service. They also have a great coffee shop near the lobby which we frequented every morning.

This is an all suite hotel and the rooms are fantastic. We stayed in a Sanctuary Cap Cana Luxury Junior Suite Ocean View Room. Be sure to see our room tour video as well.

We did take a side trip to Monkeyland which we really enjoyed. I hope to add a video about that sometime in the future. Word of warning, most areas outside of the resorts are very poor and not very safe. Please take care and be sure you are taking reputable tours and not venturing far from the resort.

Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort also features their own mini mall called “Sanctuary Town”. It features the only bar where you can get any beer other than “El Presidente”. The only problem is that you have to pay for those beers.

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