Skerries Ireland Drone Tour. It is a small seaside town Northeast of Dublin. It has been voted one of the best places to live in Ireland. You get the small town feel without being too far from the big city of Dublin. Historically, Skerries Ireland was a fishing port and known for hand embroidery. Skerries is now more of a resort town and a commuter town for Dublin. It is also the home of my wife’s brother and family.


Skerries is on the East Coast of Ireland and has five islands off its coast. One of which you can walk to during low tide. It has a very long sandy beach with a row of bars and restaurants situated along Harbour Road. This is my favorite area. It has one of my favorite coffee shops called Goat In The Boat. Strangely it is part coffee shop and part furniture store. Many of my favorite restaurants are here as well: Blue Bar and 5Rock.


Foodie Town – For such a small town, Skerries has a wealth of fantastic restaurants. In addition to the above restaurants, other favorites are Di Vino, Olive Cafe & Deli, Ollies Place and Gourmet Food Parlour.

Skerries Mills – Fully restored 12th century flour mill with five said windmills. The Mills provides tours, events, craft shop and courtyard of local artisans.

Martello Towers – Skerries is home to two Martello towers. They are part of a chain of towers built in the early 19th century to protect Ireland from Napoleonic French armies.

We have a multitude of video content about Ireland and I urge you to check it out here!

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