Malahide Castle & Gardens is near the town of Malahide. Parts of the estate date back to 1185 to Richard Talbot, a knight that was granted the lands during the reign of Henry II. It stayed in the Talbot family from that date until 1976 when Rose Talbot sold the castle to the Irish State.

Malahide Castle & Gardens are just 10 minutes from the Dublin Airport and just 25 minutes from Dublin City Center. The parking is free or you can take a train or bus from Dublin to Malahide village. The castle is just a 10 minute walk from there. This is a great stop if you have some time before your flight leaves to spend a few hours.

There is enough to do here that you could literally spend an entire day at the castle, especially if you have kids. The restaurant is fantastic along with the Avoca shopping center. We have gone and just ate at the restaurant. You can really spend as much or as little time as you want here. The deserts at the restaurant are to die for and the cappuccino is great as well.

Attractions at Malahide Castle & Gardens

Kids and parents alike will enjoy the Gardens, Butterfly House, Walled Garden and the Fairy Trail. I would suggest pre-booking in advance as you have to pick your entrance time for the Castle visit. You can spend as much time as you like in the gardens and playgrounds. No ticket is needed if you just go to the Avoca store or restaurant. Click here for ticket information and hours!

If you are looking for something nearby to do later, I would suggest a 26 minute drive to Skerries. It is on the coast north of Malahide. It is a quaint little town that has some great beaches and fantastic restaurants. Definitely go check it out!

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