The Top Game of Thrones Filming Locations can easily be found while touring Northern Ireland and you can tour them without paying someone to show you them.

As you will see in the video we ran across a tour group wearing capes and carrying swords. If you are into that, by all means take one of those tours. But if you want to see the sights without paying a tour company it is pretty easy. The site we show in this video are some of the main ones you will want to see when touring Northern Ireland.

These Game of Thrones Filming Locations are very easy to visit on your own. I just mapped them out and pretty much hit them all in about two days. I have presented them here pretty much in the order that we visited them. So if you map them out on Google Maps, you can do the same.

The locations featured in this video are the following:

Tollymore Forest – Starks Find the Direwolf Pups

Dunluce Castle – Pyke Castle – House of Greyjoy

Inch Abbey – Rob Stark Camp near Riverrun

Castle Ward – Winterfell, Homeland of the Starks

Cushenden Caves – Melisandre gives birth to shadow baby and Jamie Lanister battles Euron Greyjoy

Dark Hedges – Kings Road

Larrybane (Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge) – Renly Baratheon’s Camp

Ballintoy Harbour – Iron Islands; Dragonstone

Mussenden Temple & Downhill Beach – Dragonstone hope you enjoy the video and feel free to ask any questions about any of these sites. Also check out our video about Cushenden Caves in more detail.

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