berostar Paraíso Maya hotel is located on the Rivera Maya slightly North of Playa Del Carmen and South of Cancun. The Iberostar Paraíso Maya is one of 5 resorts located in the private Iberostar Complex.

The hotels situated within the complex are the following:

You can access all of the hotels with the exception of the Iberostar Grand Paraíso since it is adults only. It is an enormous complex. The Iberostar Paraíso Maya has 9 pools just on its own. It is surrounded by Jungle. All resorts within the complex have access to the same beach.


As far as restaurants and bars, the Iberostar Paraíso Maya has 9 restaurants and 7 bars. When checking in, be sure to make your reservations in advance. Tables go quick and you can make reservations in any of the resorts with the exception of the Grand Paraíso. We found the food to be pretty good. House wine is a bit bland, so be sure to order from the wine list if you want something good.


The rooms are pretty large with living rooms and large bathrooms. We did have a little problem with the air conditioner not working the first night, but they fixed it before we went to bed. No need to worry about getting bottled water either. They have reusable bottles in the room that you fill from a large filtered water system in the hall of your residence complex. It was very good. You also have a fridge in the room to put you water and it is stocked with beer and soda. There are no rooms with ocean views, this property is surrounded by jungle. The best you will do is get a pool view, so be sure to ask for that when checking in.

The complex features a pretty large mall with restaurants that are included in the all-inclusive plan. The mall has several stores, coffee shop, nightclub and even a playground for the kids.

Star Camp

One of the highlights of this property is Star Camp! This is a kids camp that is broken down into 3 groups: Monkey – 4 to 7 years old, Dolphin – 8 to 12 years old and Eagle – 13-17 years old. Don’t make the mistake we did. We took our 9 year old daughter to Star Camp the day before we left. She absolutely loved it! She wanted to stay longer just for Star Camp. Get the kids in there the first day. They will have more time to make new friends and it will make this experience even more fun for them.


The check-in and check-out system was well organized and we felt safe leaving her there. We really enjoyed our stay and will definitely be back. I will also add that we went right at the beginning of the pandemic that hit the world. At the time we went in late March, there were no cases reported there. No masks were in place and the only precautions were hand sanitizer everywhere. I can’t speak to the current status. I do know that they are open and welcoming guests.

We hope you found this helpful in planning your stay and if you enjoyed it. If you want to see some of the other locations we saw while in Mexico, please check out our Mexico playlist.

Our hotel was arranged by our Friends Brad & Angela Striegel through their travel agency. They booked this for us 2 days before we left at a great price! Thanks guys!

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