Colorado Off-Road trails are some of the best in the country! There is no better way to see the majesty of this State than the Colorado Off-Road Trail system. This is a unique system of Forest Access Trails provided by the U.S. Forest Service. Motorized travel on National Forest lands is allowed only on roads and trails designated on the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM). Here is a link to the current map.

They want you to use these Colorado Off-Road trails to keep them free from vegetation overgrowth so the trails are clear for pass-through in case of forest fire.

This particular Colorado off-road trail was Forest Access Road #505 near Nederland Colorado. Nederland is a small mountain town West of Boulder off Boulder Canyon Drive. You can access this trail by following Boulder Canyon Drive to West 2nd at the Round-a-bout in Nederland. From there take the Peak to Peak Highway for a very short distance to Caribou Rd. and follow it all the way to end. From there you have the option of a couple of different off-road trails. It is possible to connect to Forest Access Road #116 and take it all the way to Peak to Peak Highway. On this trip I hit some rocks against the skid plate on the bottom of the Jeep we rented on this trip and I could determine the water level so I had to turn around unfortunately. Didn’t want any damage to the rental while we were visiting Colorado.

You will notice some great drone footage as well of the mountains and area I was off-roading in. I really wanted to take a lot more but I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos and didn’t have any repellant with us. TIP: Bring bug repellant!!!! They won’t bother you much if you stay in the Vehicle, but man, once you get out, they are everywhere. We were driving a stock rental Jeep so if this had a bit more ground clearance, we could have made it all the way. Don’t even think about taking a car on these roads.

I was actually born in Colorado but didn’t actually live there until the late 90’s and stayed for about 8 years. I had driven this particular road before so I knew what I was getting into.

Off-roading will show you some of the most amazing scenery in all of Colorado. Just remember to stay on the trails, tread lightly and don’t leave anything behind.

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