White Water Rafting Colorado – There is no better place to experience the thrill of White Water Rafting. There are several locations in Colorado to White Water Raft. I have rafted the Arkansas River a few times which is fantastic! This White Water Rafting video was shot in Clear Creek Canyon in Idaho Springs. The benefit of Clear Creek is its proximity to Denver. It is only a 28 minute drive from Downtown Denver.

This knocked out a few priorities for my family. This was the first time my wife and 9 year old daughter have ever White Water Rafted (Bucket List Checked for both). As for me, I got to White Water Raft again but most importantly, I got to have some Beau Jo’s Pizza at their Idaho Springs location! If you haven’t had it, you must! Their thick soft crust drizzled in honey is not to be missed! We signed up with AVA rafting for this adventure. They had a nice facility and some great guides!

The drop point of the raft was a short walk down the street from their location. This video pretty much takes you from the drop point all the way to the end. It is a bit long, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect if you choose to raft here, especially for beginners who may be a bit trepidatious about rafting for the first time.

The total journey from start to end is about 48 minutes long. I cut out several of the “no rapid floating” scenes. I don’t believe you will experience anything more than class 3 rapids on this particular adventure. My understanding is that they offer other tours that may have class 5 rapids. Special thanks to the family seated in front of my wife, daughter and I! They made the trip fun and were great sports about unintentionally being the stars of this video!


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