A Drone flight on top of Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition to Calton Hill there are some other video in an around Edinburgh.

About Calton Hill in Edinburgh

Calton Hill in Edinburgh Scotland is just beyond the main street called Princes Street. Atop the hill are several iconic monuments. The National Monument, the Nelson Monument, the Dugald Steward Monument, the old Royal High School, the Robert Burns Monument, the Political Martyrs’ Monument and the City Observatory.

You can see the entire city from atop the hill as you will see. One of the most stand-out monuments is the National Monument of Scotland. It is rather large, however it remains unfinished. It resembles the Parthenon in Greece. Construction began in 1826 but was left unfinished in 1829 due to lack of funds.

It is a great place to view the city and also take a picnic lunch. People watching is another great activity there. If you come up from the back side, you have a fairly healthy hike up the hill. If you come from Princes Street, it is a bit easier.

From the hill you can see Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Palace is near the bottom of the hill. We toured Holyrood Palace directly after visiting the hill.

Be sure to check out the other videos of Europe and we will have more Scotland footage soon!


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