Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Aurora Colorado. At the end of our Colorado trip we decided to stay at the Gaylord Rockies as it was near the Denver International Airport and we had an early flight out the next morning. This was a great way to end a wonderful trip and my 9 year old daughter loved it. It was a little unfortunate that the pandemic was going on during this time, but we still managed to enjoy it. Due to restrictions due to the pandemic, only one of the full service restaurants were open, but you could go to the snack bar or the full bar. There was also a market that was open as well. At the time we went, you were required to reserve a time to use the pool or waterpark. If you are planing on going, be sure to book a time well in advance as the day part we wanted was already booked when we checked in. The hotel is gorgeous with a fantastic view of the city of Denver and the Rocky Mountains behind it. They also do socially distant movie nights and had bingo for the kids.

Even with the dedicated pool entry times, it was still pretty crowded. Get there early and stake out a good spot. We highly recommend the hotel, but it isn’t cheap. We used some Marriott points to cover our night, so it wasn’t too bad for us. Feel free to ask any question below in the comments and please like the video and subscribe if you like the content. Thanks for watching!

If you are interesting in making a reservation here, click here to access the official site.

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