Scenic Drone Tour of Peoria Illinois and its grandest views is what you will see above. This tour takes you on just a few aerial journeys of this Central Illinois town on the banks of the Illinois River. It highlights some of the acres of corn fields and wind farms that surround Peoria and Theodore Roosevelt’s favorite view; Grandview Drive. Views of the downtown skyline and sites are also shown. If you are like me and live several states away, this is a good chance to recall the best of Peoria and return home if only for a few minutes in spectacular 4K.

Peoria is located about 2 1/2 – 3 hour South of Chicago along I-74. We have a lot of famous people that called Peoria home. Richard Pryor, David Ogden Stiers, Joe Girardi, Mike Zimmer, Jim Thome, Dan Fogelberg, Tom Irwin, Gary Richrath and many more!

Peoria is seeing some rejuvenation along the riverfront. First with the Caterpillar Museum and Peoria Riverfront Museum. Growth in the warehouse district soon followed. Peoria has some good watering holes such as Kelleher’s Irish Pub, Martini’s On Water Street, Obed & Issac’s Microbrewery and Rhodell Brewery.

“Will it play in Peoria”

Unknown Vaudeville era personality

I grew up in Peoria and left in 1996. We came back again in 2009 (had my daughter there) and left again in 2016. We currently call Austin Texas home, but head back at least once a year to see our family and get our Avanti’s Gondolas! Avanti’s is a Peoria staple with very reasonably priced Italian food.

Finally, be sure to see our video of Grand View Drive in Peoria Heights that I shot with my Go-Pro. Also, this video will show you Grandview Drive in even greater detail than what’s here .

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