Jerpoint Abbey Kilkenny Ireland is a short drive from the city of Kilkenny Ireland. If you go, you will find the ruins of a Cistercian abbey that was founded in the late 12th century. Before entering you will go through the Visitor Center. We found it hosted by a wonderful and knowledgeable woman that not only knew about the Jerpoint Abbey, but also several other sites nearby. Whenever you find someone like this, be sure to take the time to listen as they are very giving of their time and knowledge. I would assume they are there due to their intense interest in history and not the money.

Jerpoint is well known for its stone carvings, square and embattled tower. Jerpoint is a national monument and has been run by the Office of Public works since 1880. When we visited it was raining slightly, but we literally had the entire place to ourselves.

Admission fees are minimal at €5.00 for adults and €3.00 for children/students. A whole family can get in for just €13.00. The facilities here are nice with an exhibition in the visitor center, toilets and car parking. They will accept credit cards as well. Enjoy your time here! You shouldn’t need to dedicate more than an hour or two at the most.

Please visit and pass the word, this is not to be missed if you are near Kilkenny Ireland. If you haven’t seen our video on Kells Priory which is nearby, be sure to check out that hidden gem as well!

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