Kilkenny Castle Ireland is a must see while traveling through Kilkenny. We’ve been to Ireland several times but this was our first stop in Kilkenny. We really loved it and stayed in town a couple of nights. Kilkenny is a place we will definitely return to. Kilkenny Castle itself is a fully restored castle with beautiful period furnishings. The picture gallery is magnificent. It is huge and the ceiling is gorgeous. It doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to tour this castle. Tours are self-guiding and you can stroll through at your leisure.

Kilkenny Castle Ireland was founded after the Norman conquest of Ireland over 800 years ago. It has gone through many changes and has been rebuilt a few times.

There is also have a great bakery/coffee shop in the basement. We took full advantage of it after our tour. Definitely check that out. The grounds are gorgeous, so please allow time to relax and enjoy them. There is even a playground for the children as well. The castle is perched over the beautiful River Nore.

Across the street is a shopping/dining area called Kilkenny Stables. Be sure to check that out. Great merchandise and food. Tickets and opening hours can be found here. Another site in Kilkenny to see is Smithwick’s Brewery.

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