The Smithwick’s Brewery Experience Kilkenny Ireland is located in the heart of the city center of Kilkenny. Just a short walk from Kilkenny Castle and most centrally located hotels. You should have no problem walking here. The tours are fairly short at only 1 hour. That leaves you plenty of time to check out the rest of the city.

My favorite Smithwick’s ale is the Red Ale. Like many companies, it is now owned by a larger company, Diageo. They also own Guinness and several other brands. The brewery itself is a victim of consolidation. The beer is no longer brewed in Kilkenny, but at Guinness in Dublin. The tour takes you through the original brewery which is mainly made of up of displays and some very high tech visuals. It ends where all good brewery tours end. The tasting room. You will get to taste all three flavors of their beer.

The beer has over 300 years of history so I am glad that the brewery has survived in at least this tourist format. You will get the chance to mill the malt and stir the mash. Best of all you get to smell the hops! I strongly suggest checking out the brewery while in Kilkenny. In addition to the great tasting room, the have a nice little gift shop with some great merchandise.

To see more information regarding tickets and opening hours, click here. To see our series of brewery and distillery videos click here!

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