Waco Mammoth National Monument is part of the National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior. This gained National Monument status in 2015 making this a new unit of the National Park System.

The Park itself is situated on 100 acres of wooded land along the Bosque River. The park has a visitor center which mainly serves as the bathroom as ticketing, gift shop and Ranger interaction has moved outside due to the Pandemic. Tents have temporarily been set up to handle the crowds to allow for more social distancing.

History: Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin first discovered the Mammoth site while out searching for arrowheads and fossils along the Bosque River. They found a huge bone that was sticking out from the Ravine. They knew their find was unusual and took it to Baylor University’s Strecker Museum (know known as Mayborn Museum Complex). The staff at the museum identified their find as a femur bone from a Columbian mammoth. The mammoths lived during what is commonly known as the Ice Age.

Baylor staff immediately organized an excavation of the site. The remains of 16 Columbian mammoths were discovered between 1978 and 1990. The mammoths found during this time can now be found at Baylor University’s Mayborn Museum Complex. The fossils discovered after 1990 still remain at the dig site for viewing.

Scientists are still uncertain how all of these mammoths died at the same location. Human interference has been ruled out. One theory is that they all dies during a flash flood which explains the other animals found at the site.

If you are interesting in visiting the Waco Mammoth National Monument while in Waco, check out the official website for hours and ticket information.

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