The Rothe House Kilkenny is located along the Medieval Mile in the heart of Kilkenny City. It is a hidden gem of Kilkenny and of Ireland for that matter. This is the only remaining 16th Century townhome with a significant number of post-medieval features intact.

It is a living example of a merchant class home of the era. It features three houses on the property dating, 1594, 1604 and 1610. The original configuration of these homes have survived intact. The Rothe Family were merchants and were part of an oligarchy of 10 families that controlled Kilkenny throughout the 15th & 16th centuries. While in Kilkenny, this is a quick stop just across from Smithwicks Brewery Tour.

We toured this home in just over an hour. It is a quick stop and it is directly across the street from Smithwick’s Brewery. If you follow the street South, you will end up a Kilkenny Castle. If you follow the street North you will end up at St. Canice Cathedral. There are many things to do in Kilkenny and these are just a few. Just a wonderful city!

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To see our other videos from our trip to Kilkenny, click on any of the links below:

Smithwick’s Brewery

Kilkenny Castle

St. Canice Cathedral

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