Kalahari Water Park Round Rock Texas is the newest Kalahari Resort. The Kalahari Water Park Round Rock Texas is home of the “Largest Indoor Waterpark in the United States.” We highly recommend checking this place out whether you are an Austin area local or tourist. We only live about 30 minutes away, so we booked this as a weekend staycation. Our 10 year old daughter kept commenting that “this place has everything”. She didn’t want to leave and wants to come back every weekend.

In this video we tried to feature almost everything this place has. We think we did a pretty good job, although there is still probably more to see. This video showcases all the shopping options, Quick-Serve dining options, Full Service Restaurants, Lounges & Bars, Pool Bars, Entertainment, Outdoor Pools and Slides, Cabana rental and it even quickly touches on the Convention Center which is a large part of the hotel. We never tried the spa, so that is an area still missing from the video.

Kalahari Resort & Conventions state that they are “full-service vacation destinations including meeting & convention facilities that combine America’s largest indoor Waterparks with the magic of Africa.”

They claim they deliver beyond all expectations. Well, I think they are right. This place was pretty amazing. After a couple of hours there we completely forgot we were only 30 minutes from home. We felt like we were at some far away resort.

If you are a local, you can buy day passes to the waterpark as well as Tom Foolerys Adventure Park. Hotel guests get full use of the waterpark at no additional charge. While I wouldn’t say the full service restaurants on location are cheap, I don’t feel that they gouge you on price the way Disney or other resorts of the kind do. It is somewhat more expensive than my restaurant down the street, but not crazily overpriced. I can see us just going there to enjoy the restaurants with friends on a weekend.

If you would like more information, be sure to check out their website.

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