Join us as we take a quick tour under 3 minutes to Las Vegas Nevada! We tried to throw in a little of everywhere we went in this video. I do need to give credit to my wife Nelida for braving all of this while having the flu. What a trooper.

Some of the sites we visit include The Venetian Hotel which is where we stayed . We also feature shots of The Strip, The Flamingo, Paris Hotel, Wynn Hotel, Bellagio Fountain, Mirage, Caesar’s Palace, Hell’s Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, Treasure Ireland, High Roller Ferris Wheel and more! I would also add that we highly recommend Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant near Ceasar’s Palace. Get the Seafood Tower, it is amazing if you like seafood.

If you are looking to get a really quick overview of Las Vegas Nevada, the city that never sleeps, this is the video to watch. This also shows a little of our journey to get there as well. I was super impressed with the singing of our Gondolier at the Venetian Hotel. He was fantastic!

To see a little more of Las Vegas, be sure to watch our High Roller Happy Half Hour video of the largest observation wheel in the world. We also did a tour of the Venetian Resort Luxury Suite.

Unlike most travel bloggers that travel full time, we have to balance full time jobs, and elementary school age daughter. We definitely don't travel as much as we would like, but we think our situation is closer to what most travelers are in themselves.
Our family currently lives and loves the Austin, Texas area of the United States. We have lived in many states and even internationally.

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