OUTLANDER FILMING LOCATIONS PART II – This video is part two of our Outlander Filming Location Series. This video features many of the locations we were unable to visit during our last trip to Scotland. If you didn’t see Part 1 of this video series, you can click here to watch it: https://youtu.be/_tkN5ZTmfXY It doesn’t really matter what order you watch these videos in, but watch them both to see most of the Outlander Filming Locations. If you enjoyed this video please “LIKE” and “SUBSCRIBE” to our channel to see more amazing locations around the world!

The order you see the film locations in the video is the same order we visited them with one exception. Bamburgh Castle was visited at the very end of our trip, but I wanted to tie it in with the other Wentworth Prison Location.

We are big fans of the show and made sure we hit up as many Outlander Filming Locations as we could on our second journey back to Scotland. We did even more research this time around in order to map out how we would hit all of these locations over 10 days while also visiting my wife’s cousin that lives in Edinburgh.

Be sure to come back to our channel to see more detailed videos on some of these individual locations as well as other non-Outlander related Scotland locations you can visit while in the area. Footage from this most recent trip is still being edited, so check back often for updates. The best way to be notified of these updates is by subscribing to our channel and hitting the “BELL” button so you get notifications of new content as we add it. To see our other Scotland videos click here for the Scotland Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh74f2kUZWu0oKcV3e2AHlcGXnv5cGpxt

Outlander Filming Location Website Links:

Tweeddale Court (18th Century Edinburgh)

Bakehouse Close (A. Malcolm Print Shop)

World’s End Pub

Culross Scotland {Mercat Cross and Culross Palace} (Village of Cranesmuir, Geillis Duncan’s Home, Laoghaire’s Home )

Callendar House (Kitchen of Duke of Sandringham’s Home, Belhurst Manor)

Linlithgow Palace (Wentworth Prison Interiors)

Bamburgh Castle (Wentworth Prison Exteriors)

Dunure Castle (Silkies Island)

Dunure Harbour (Port where Jamie & Claire Leave for Jamaica and where Roger and Bree Journey to the Colonies)

Pollok Country Park Glasgow (Exterior locations in France)

124 Dowanhill St. – (Furey Street in Boston USA)

Glasgow City Chambers (City of Westminster’s Register Office)

Glasgow Cathedral (L’Hôpital des Anges in Paris)

Urquhart Castle (2nd Honeymoon for Frank and Claire near Inverness)

Culloden Battlefield

Clava Cairns (Standing Stone Inspiration)

Tibbermore Church – (Cranesmuir Court in Claire and Geillis witch trial) 28:40 Dysart Harbour – (Port of Le Havre France)

Dysart Harbour – (Port of Le Havre France)


“Skye Boat Song”


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