Southern Illinois University 1992 & 1994 tour around campus and the Southern Illinois area. If you went to SIU during that era or lived in Carbondale, this video is for you.

I shot some video around Carbondale during Thanksgiving Break 1992 during my final year. I borrowed my parents camcorder again in 1994 when I met some friends down there for Homecoming 2 years later. Southern Illinois University 1992 & 1994 video features tailgate party, The Strip, Greek Row, Lewis Park, Pick’s Liquors, Alto Vineyards, Bald Knob & Natural Land Bridge. Have fun on this trip down memory lane!

If you didn’t go to SIU or live in Carbondale, this probably won’t be of much interest. If you did, this should be a nice trip down memory lane. This was taken with an old camcorder, so sorry about the video quality. I did my best to try to fix the color the best I could. If you are an Alumni, be sure to join the Alumni Association to keep in touch with your friends.

If you are from Illinois originally, you may enjoy some of our other Illinois videos.

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