Kells Priory County Kilkenny is about 15 km from the city of Kilkenny. We spent a couple of nights in Kilkenny before making our journey back to the Dublin area. Kilkenny was fantastic and we definitely hope to return there someday. While in the area we checked out a few things to see on our way back to Dublin and just happened upon Kells Priory. It is only 38 minutes from downtown Kilkenny.

About the Priory

We almost were not going to stop but wow, are we are glad we did. It is a pretty amazing place and is a National Monument under guardianship of the Office of Public Works. We literally had the entire place to ourselves. The only people there were a couple of workers that were doing some restorations. Kells Priory County Kilkenny is the best preserved Augustinian Priory in Ireland. It is a National Monument of Ireland. Apparently there are guided tours available from Mid-June to Mid-September. We were there in March so that explains the lack of people.

I would have shot more drone video but it started to rain and really limited my options. I did have my steady-cam for my mirrorless camera, so I thought those shots turned out pretty good as we walked around the site. It covered a rather large area and was right next to a stream or small river.

If you find yourself in the Kilkenny area, I definitely recommend stopping at Kells Priory. There is no charge to visit and you will definitely have the run of the place. We couldn’t believe no one else was there. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed! After our visit to Kells, we stopped by Jerpoint Abbey which was on the way to Dublin. This was another hidden gem I would definitely take the time to see if in the area.

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