Video of the Harry Potter Studio Tour London, England. Follow us as we take a look at the actual sets and props from your favorite Harry Potter films. This is a can’t miss video if you are a Harry Potter Fan! I highly recommend visiting here, the actual Warner Brothers Studio where Harry Potter was filmed in Leavesden England.

The best part of this tour is the very beginning. It is the way you first see the “Great Hall”. I won’t spoil the surprise for you. The other big highlight for us was walking through Diagon Alley. Just amazing. Keep in mind, all the sets and props are are real. Unlike Universal Studios, everything there is a reproduction, this is the real deal!

The other amazing part of the Harry Potter Studio Tour London is the payoff at the end of the tour. The scale model of all of Hogwarts! They filmed all the exterior shots of Hogwarts using this model as well as Harry flying around Hogwarts on his broom.

Getting There

If you are traveling from London, you will take a train from the Euston Station to the Watford Station. Once you arrive at the station, you will be greeted by a double decker bus complete covered in “Harry Potter Studio Graphics” that is waiting to take you to the studio. The train ride is only 20 minutes and the bus ride is only about 15 minutes to the studio.

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