The Galmont Hotel Galway Ireland recently underwent an ownership change. It was previously known as the “Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway”. When we stayed there, it was still called the Radisson Blu, so you will notice the verbal mention of the Radisson Blue in the video.

The Galmont Hotel Galway Ireland is located right in the heart of Galway overlooking the Galway Bay as you will see in the video. It is a quick 3 minute walk from Eyre Square.

Somehow we actually got this room for free using miles from our credit card (We received no compensation of any kind from the hotel). Our jaws hit the floor when we walked in. We almost went back to the registry desk just to make sure they didn’t give us the wrong key. No need once we saw a welcome card on the coffee table with our name on it.

The room is 1,292 Square feet (120 m2). This is bigger than most apartments. The Penthouse Suite overlooks Lough Atalia and has a kitchen, dining room, lounge, office, separate bedroom, huge master bath and even a second guest bathroom.

The room has two entrances. The main entrance and another off the kitchen in case you have any meals catered. It looks like this room is over €600 per night based on the hotel website. We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have gotten this with credit card miles as this would have been out of our price range normally.

This room definitely kicked off our tour of Galway spectacularly! I definitely recommend this room and hotel if you find yourself in Galway! We loved it!

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